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Posted by coalbox on 22nd of June 2015 at 11:43 PM NST
It's time to wake up with some coffee, teams! Altador Cup X has now entered Day 21, with the scramble for first place officially underway. Oh, you don't have coffee? Fine, you can take a cup of mine.. Just don't spill on the yooyus! They don't quite enjoy the wonderful taste of coffee. Let's check out those results!

Alabriss Bracket

Send help! Team Krawk Island is drowning in the water, getting sweeped by Team Lost Desert. Also almost taking a sweep is none other than Team Meridell, only drawing Slushie Slinger against Faerieland in Day 21. Rounding out this bracket today is Team Terror Mountain, who draws Yooyuball while winning Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown against Team Mystery Island.

Minitheus Bracket

Uh, you want organic coffee? I mean.. sure? This bracket is full of sweeps, with our first one going to none other than Team Kreludor against Team Moltara. Team Altador just could not win today, handing over all games to Team Virtupets. Also ending the day on top is Team Tyrannia, who knocks out Team Haunted Woods. I swear it's the omelettes!

Vaeolus Bracket

Heads up, we have Blumaroos everywhere! Team Roo Island almost manages a full sweep, only tying up Yooyuball with Team Maraqua. Also shutting down the board today is Team Darigan Citadel, who completely takes out Team Shenkuu. More. COFFEE. The first team to take a win against Team Kiko Lake is none other than Team Brightvale, who wins Yooyuball. First loss twenty-one days in - now that's something to celebrate!

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Come right back tomorrow for Day 22!