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Posted by coalbox on 27th of June 2015 at 11:37 PM NST
It's definitely a day of sweeps on Day 26 here at Altador Cup X, with a total count of seven. What, did you read that right? Where are your glasses? Probably on your head from playing too many yooyuball games. Let's take a look at our results!

Alabriss Bracket

Still playing the high ball is Team Kiko Lake, who remains on top at the end of our third round in this bracket. Sorry Team Darigan Citadel! Team Lost Desert also reigns on top, with Team Haunted Woods falling to the bottom. Rounding out this bracket of sweeps is Team Meridell, who isn't set on fire by Team Moltara. Welp, you tried. However they definitely invested in a fire extinguisher this year. Maybe that needs to be in the packing list for the games!

Minitheus Bracket

Team Krawk Island captures the only sweep for this bracket, kicking Team Shenkuu out onto the curb. Maybe they're getting tired from all that zen! It's a solid day for Team Mystery Island, who takes Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown with a draw in Slushie Slinger. Maraqua strikes back, taking the Make Some Noise win. Team Tyrannia almost swept Team Virtupets on Day 26, only falthering in a Make Some Noise draw.

Vaeolus Bracket

The sweeps are abound in the Vaeolus Bracket, with Team Kreludor taking the first against Team Brightvale. Can't bring them back down! Team Altador can't handle the blumaroos, getting swept by Team Roo Island. The snow storm is on the move, crushing out the sunny skies in the Colosseum with Team Terror Mountain sweeping Team Faerieland.

The results are in! Remember to go and collect your Staff Tournament results and prizes. See you all for Day 27!