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Posted by jujipup on 3rd of July 2015 at 01:27 PM NST
The final results are in for the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.  It was a long and tough battle with injuries from mad playing causing scores to weaken.  Team Super Heroes did the best in Yooyu Ball plays in one week with 322 games played and 3,871 goals made!  This is over double the standard Yooyu Ball scores for one week.  The Heroes were able to hold on to Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.  Team Sword of Lameness took Slushie Slinger from the Heroes by about 2,000 points.  Lameness managed to grab second place in Yooyu Ball and Make Some Noise.  Team Wicked wasn't going to go out looking, and managed to place second in Shootout Showdown with around 1,500,000 points over Lameness.

Team Super Heroes manages to take their second win (then again, being the only returning team name).  Team Sword of Lameness proved being lame isn't anything to snuff at, and came in at second.  Team Wicked followed the theme of evil coming in last, and came in third.

Four of our staff participating in this years Tournament achieved All Star.  There are more trophies waiting on the SN Staff Tournament page for most plays, high scores, and most goals per game.


We are still missing a ton of Altador Rising flash previews.  We were hoping some of you could help us out.  Here are the Flash URL's we're missing for Playtime In Altador.  We appreciate everyone's help.

( Updated! 17/07/15 )

All finished, Thank You!
Casual Altadorian Dress
Bori Cybunny Elephante Flotsam
Hissi Kougra Lupe Peophin
Ruki Tonu Xweetok

Just 1 left, Thank You!
Messy Ponytail Wig
Bori Cybunny Elephante Flotsam
Hissi Kougra Lupe Ogrin
Peophin Ruki Tonu Zafara

Just 4 more to go, Thank You!
Metallic Arm Tattoos
Bori Cybunny Elephante Eyrie
Flotsam Hissi Ixi Koi
Kougra Peophin Ruki Tonu

Only 3 left, Thank You!
Altadorian Tunic
Bori Cybunny Draik Elephante
Flotsam Hissi Ixi Kougra
Krawk Lupe Nimmo Peophin
Ruki Tonu Xweetok Zafara

Thank You so much to all the Neopians who have been Modeling all their pets and items for us.