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Posted by jujipup on 27th of May 2016 at 11:18 PM NST
A breeze rushes into the Colosseum and blows out all torches.  An eerie, uneasy feeling fills the stadium as a hush falls upon the spectators.  Suddenly from the depths of quiet, a menacing cackle fills the air!  Five SunnyNeo staffers come charging forth haunting the arena.  It is no question that Team Haunted Path has most definitely arrived for this years SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.  Long time returning player Corine is leading the pack and has been helpful all around SunnyNeo.  With her many years at the Staff Tournaments AC V, VI, IX, and X, Corine is hoping to use her knowledge to lead the charge for her team.  She's laying it down and going for all star for her team Meridell.  Lacee returns this AC still pulling for Haunted Woods - fitting so well on Team Haunted Path.  She is part of our Project Crew.  Lacee is full of confidence from her AC X team, Team Super Heroes, win last year and hopes to have a no-losing streak.  Reagan only joined SunnyNeo a few months ago as our MIA Updater, but was eager to join the Staff Tournament.  He's confident in his game-play and has done well so far to come up with ideas for the team.  Its a wonder how his team Maraqua will fair as well as his Team Haunted Path.  Kyra is also a newcomer who is supporting Maraqua.  Kyra is an amazing graphics artist who's been busy working on some things to add to the AC graphics - watch out for those soon.  She cannot wait to score the first point for her team!  Rhyz is also a long time returning player to the Staff Tournament, being in previous years AC V, VI, and X.  He has done some item page work such as stamps in the past for us at SunnyNeo.  He hasn't chosen a team yet, but hopes to bring his A-game whatever path he choses.