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Posted by jujipup on 29th of May 2016 at 06:40 AM NST
As everyone continues to fill the Colosseum and the roar of the crowd continues to climb, suddenly balloons fall from a blimp up above.  The center of the field where Yooyuballs usually emerge, opens and begins to rise.  The crowd no matter who's team they support can't help but feel the awesomeness that is the latest team to arrive:  Team: The Best is clearly here.  Wolf is clad in Brightvale colors and does many updates for SunnyNeo such as Daily Puzzle and Crossword as well as event guides.  He returns now for his third year in the Staff Tournament, previously in AC IX and AC X.  He's been around for quite some time and hopes to rack up numbers for his team in the first hours of the day.  Christa is our resident Guide Reviewer and Gourmet Food List updater and returns for her second year at the Staff Tournament.  She's beginning to do more and more as she settles in to staff.  She is clad in Kiko Lake attire.  Christa is hoping to carry Kiko Lake's strength from last year and apply it to her scores for Team: The Best.  Jado too returns for a second year for the Staff Tournament and once again with Shenkuu.  Jado is a great artist for us here at SunnyNeo.  Jado hope to translate creativity in art to creativity in play style to overtake the other teams.  Faith is an amazing graphics maker here at SunnyNeo and returns for her second year in the Staff Tournament - previously in AC IX.  Faith is hoping to use her free time this summer to really pack down some scores.  Sayegh is another new staffer joining us as our Graphics Coder Overseer and supporting Krawk Island.  Sayegh is working hard at getting our layouts fixed with the recent changes.  Sayegh is hoping to use that same dedication on the field.


We have reviewed our AC pages and have noticed a few out of date and we are trying very hard to get everything ready and updated.  So stay tuned for pages that we've adjusted.  So far we've updated the Fan Freebies and Abbreviations & Common Terms.  Many more updates to come in the last few moments before this years AC XI starts.