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Posted by coalbox on 1st of June 2016 at 01:29 AM NST
The beginning of this years Altador Cup is officially LIVE! It's time to get those slushies slinging and the yooyuballs flying across the field. I can just smell the victory already! Remember that there are a few new rule changes coming to this years cup, which will be updated once we are 100% positive what they are. This includes new caps for maximum games played per day, rank updates, and bracket matchups. Let's gooOAALLL!

Here are the first bracket matchups!

Alabriss Bracket: Darigan Citadel, Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Shenkuu, Tyrannia, and Virtupets.
Minitheus Bracket: Krawk Island, Altador, Kiko Lake, Haunted Woods, Moltara, and Faerieland.
Vaeolus Bracket: Roo Island, Brightvale, Meridell, Kreludor, Maraqua, and Terror Mountain.

** Reminder to ALL that Altador Cup XI team sign-ups only run until June 6th. Join a team today before they come to a close!

Tomorrow will begin our official coverage of the Altador Cup, with daily reports coming your way! Remember if anything is incorrectly input or you would like to help out SunnyNeo with feedback, please neomail me (coalbox). As also, you can look forward to some very angry coconuts saying goodnight, and expressively orange janitors.

Also remember that the first ticket Insiders Garden Reception Pass for the Altador Cup NC event Insider Experience is available for 700 NC at the NC mall.

Update: Our Insider Experience guide has been updated.

See you all tomorrow!! GO TEAMS!!!