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Posted by coalbox on 2nd of June 2016 at 11:50 AM NST
Welcome to our Day 1 results for Altador Cup XI, with almost a full board of sweeps coming right at you. What, no one woke you up this morning? Get to playing!! If you haven't already done so, remember to sign up for your favorite team at the Colosseum before sign-ups expire. Now let's see some sweeps!

Alabriss Bracket

The only team in this bracket who didn't quite let a sweep by them was Team Mystery Island, who was able to take away one win in Yooyuball up against Team Shenkuu. Over in the desert, Team Lost Desert swept away Team Darigan Citadel in an unpleasant suprise. Rounding out this bracket is Team Tyrannia, who trampled Team Virtupets out in Altador yesterday.

Minitheus Bracket

Roaring across the seas comes a dominating victory by Team Krawk Island, who knocked Team Altador completely off the board on Day 1. Keep on sailing! Team Kiko Lake also dominates in this bracket, taking every victory against Team Haunted Woods. Another fighter in this bracket was Team Moltara, who barely scrapes by with one win in Yooyuball against Team Faerieland, who wins the rest.

Vaeolus Bracket

Winding down the last of today's results is the Vaeolus bracket, which resulted in a 100% chance of sweeping. Team Brightvale took down Team Roo Island, making day 1 not so bright for the blumaroos anymore. Team Kreludor schooled Team Meridell, almost doubling half their scores in two games. To round out this bracket is Team Maraqua, who conquered the wild card that is Team Terror Mountain.

Hopefully tomorrow we see some teams fight back, and go for the gold! Let's see more victories, and less sweeps. Now get to playing, AND GOODNIGHT!!

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