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The Altador Cup is raging on and the noise from the Colosseum echos to all corners of Neopia.  We've updated our Ranks and Rank Calculator pages as well as all the team pages (ie: Altador).

Fewf... SunnyNeo is burning up...  Oh, it is just the towns Altador, Lost Desert, and Moltara have come to SunnyNeo!  We've added three new Userlookups for you.  Just be careful, they're hot!!


Hot off the presses!

Don't forget, our Customisation Spotlight is open until June 26th.  So please dress your pets and enter them.  We have had a handful of entries come in so far, and hope to have many more.  Make this years difficult on us!  Show us your pet best dressed to support their team.  You can access the entry form any time by clicking on the image we've added to the sidebar.

Last year entries, NP Only and NC Included.