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Posted by coalbox on 5th of June 2016 at 10:01 AM NST
It's Day 4 here at the Colosseum, and Altador Cup XI is officially underway. There's some shocking new results, especially within the Minitheus bracket, going down in Altador today. Hopefully those jelly chias aren't interfering with anyone's game time.. Let's see where we're all at!

Team Tyrannia continues on their sweep-brigade, adding a fourth to their record against Team Darigan Citadel. Along for the brutal ride is Team Shenkuu, who was sweeped by Team Virtupets. Redemption from yesterday! Rounding out this bracket is Team Mystery Island, who probably influenced the tombola man to sit on their sidelines again this year, sweeping out Team Lost Desert.

There's a plot twist going on in the Minitheus bracket, with Team Kiko Lake stealing first place from Team Krawk Island after winning Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, and Make Some Noise. Dun dun dun! The pirates only managed to take home Shootout Showdown on Day 4, but there's always tomorrow! Team Altador knocks down Team Faerieland, stealing their entire board. Home team advantage I tell ya! Team Moltara grabs one win in Yooyuball, handing the rest over to Team Haunted Woods who finally manages to get their name on the board. Today's the day for HW!

After a devastating one-win round on Day 3, Team Maraqua gets back into their original rhythm of sweeping - Team Roo Island just happened to be in the crossfire. Whoops! Team Terror Mountain won their first game, taking Slushie Slinger against Team Kreludor 5 to 4. Almost beat twice over in this bracket was unfortunately Team Meridell, who just couldn't keep up with Team Brightvale.

What do you mean there's no bacon?!!

Check back tomorrow for our continued Altador Cup XI coverage. If you haven't already, feel free to Model for us any Insider Experience items you've received so far!!