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Posted by coalbox on 8th of June 2016 at 05:47 PM NST
After a wonderful bye day is over, new brackets were released as well as Day 7 of competition. With new rules to hopefully equal out the competition, shakeups are sure to be aplenty in these new brackets! Let's see what these two days had in store for us down at the Altador Cup XI Colosseum.

Here's what our shiny new Round 2 brackets look like:

Alabriss Bracket: Brightvale, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Terror Mountain, Haunted Woods, and Virtupets.
Minitheus Bracket: Altador, Shenkuu, Faerieland, Lost Desert, Kreludor, and Maraqua.
Vaeolus Bracket: Tyrannia, Kiko Lake, Meridell, Darigan Citadel, Moltara, and Roo Island.

And with new brackets released also comes our Day 7 results!

Alabriss Bracket

Team Krawk Island is paving their way towards an AC XI victory, staying within the top three and taking only one loss in Yooyuball up against Team Mystery Island. What a ship! Team Brightvale continues to stay on top of the games, sweeping out Team Haunted Woods on the first day of these new brackets. Where's the janitor with my broom?! Team Terror Mountain makes a move towards comeback central, only losing Yooyuball up against Team Virtupets.

Minitheus Bracket

Never underestimate Team Lost Desert, who on Day 7 sweeps out Team Kreludor. Must've been visiting Coltzan's Shrine for help! Team Faerieland also steps up their massive game, knocking Team Maraqua off todays board completely. Time to hit the gym and get back into the game, Maraqua! Team Altador also continues to be a force to reckon with, sweeping out Team Shenkuu and maintaining the highest scores in their bracket.

Vaeolus Bracket

Finally feeling more at home is Team Darigan Citadel, who decided losing just wasn't for them except when it comes to Slushie Slinger. DC only lost that one game up against Team Roo Island, bringing them back into this game. Team Meridell takes Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown up against Team Kiko Lake, settling down for a tie. Halfing it! Rounding out Day 7 is Team Tyrannia, who completely obliterates Team Moltara. Now we know who not to mess with!

With the announcement of cheaters finally being prosecuted in this years Altador Cup, TNT also had a follow-up message on the Colosseum homepage, accurately titled "Uncertain Times Ahead" –

The biggest piece of news from the Altador Cup this year comes not from the participating teams but the governing committee! In an unprecedented move, the committee has warned public of an outbreak during the tournament and quarantined players for exhibiting symptoms of 'multiple account disorder' and 'magically enhanced physiology'. Several teams are expected to be affected by this development. Meanwhile, Brightvale seems to be in top form this year, winning all matches against powerhouse Kreludor and finishing at the top of the Vaeolus Bracket. Clearly this tournament will be anything but predictable!

We'll see where this years games go, however at the very least it shall be more interesting than years past! With the playing field more even, there are even higher stakes, and easier positions to fall out of. Get to playing!!