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Posted by jujipup on 17th of May 2018 at 03:19 PM NST

The Colosseum fills with Noise,
With cheers from all the girls and boys.
As the Yooyu's fly both left and right-
Darigan Yooyu's give quite the plight.
There is a Showdown between all teams
As participants rush to make their dreams.
If you give your order to the Slinger first,
A Slushie can be had to quench your thirst.
-SunnyNeo Anual News Since 2014

Three teams have arrived at the Colosseum for this years Altador Cup XIII:  Kiko Lake, Maraqua, and Moltara.


We are having our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament return as well.  The Scorekeeper for our Staff Tournament has entered the Colosseum! And the crowd goes wild!!

*waves frantically to her fellow Altadorians*  "Go Altador!!"

We will also bring back our Customisation Spotlight with two brand new categories.  We will once again have a winner for NP Only and NC Included per team, per category.  Stay tuned for the entry form to open soon!

Last year's Shenkuu NP Only At The Colosseum category winner.