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Posted by jujipup on 29th of May 2018 at 09:21 AM NST

As everyone is on the edge of their seats awaiting news from the Altador Commitee on what is the latest on the Altador Cup, all the standard Altador Cup teams have arrived.  And now, the SunnyNeo Staff Teams begin to enter.  First to arrive, we have Team Darigan Weewoos!  This team is comprised with three of our staffers.  First up, we have Padfoot who is the teams Darigan Citadel supporter.  Padfoot is new to our Staff Tournament, but has been around SunnyNeo for a little while now.  Normally ,Padfoot does customisation work, but now can she prove her worth in the Colosseum and reach All-Star status for her team?  Next, we have Vanity who is a seasoned player on our Staff Tournament - this being her fourth time participating once again supporting Krawk Island.  Normally Vanity is doing customisation, graphics, coding and other such things needed around the site, and seems to be the connection between Padfoot and her other teammate.  Can Vanity be the rock this team needs and guide them to victory?  Thirdly, we have David who is our Programmer here at SunnyNeo.  He's been really busy working for us and getting many things fixed and updated.  He's been really helping us out here especially as of late and is responsible for some of the great things we have currently and to come.  This will be David's second year participating in our Staff Tournament and also supports Krawk Island.  Will his additions between work be just that extra push this team will need to take this year's Staff Tournament?


Lets hear it for these amazing Staff Members!!  Hip, Hip!  Hooray!!