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Posted by jujipup on 3rd of June 2018 at 06:22 PM NST

As everyone awaits the turn of day to charge forward with their gameplay in the much anticipated Altador Cup XIII, another SunnyNeo Staff Tournament Team enters the Colosseum.  Enter Team Mysterious Shines!  This team is ready to take on anything with Wolf leading them on, supporting Haunted Woods.  Wolf is our daily updater who handles our Daily Puzzle and Crossword, Top Games Ratio, along with teaming up with Juji, the scorekeeper, on updating event pages such as Daily Dare and so forth.  He's been a tough competitor for the SunnyNeo staff teams always coming out with an All-Star title by the end of the cup.  He will be this teams rock, but can his teammates keep him afloat in this competition?  Brooke is newer to SunnyNeo and is a General Page Maintenance and supports Darigan Citadel.  Can this newbie be an unknown threat against the other teams?  She may be the secret this team needs to pull ahead.  Faith, who is a long time supporter of Kiko Lake, also steps into the Colosseum.  Faith is apart of our graphics team, and although her time gets limited, her graphics are favored across our site and are seen all over Neopia.  What she brings to SunnyNeo is quality that clearly shows when everyone seems to favor what she puts forth.  Can she bring the quality this team will need to boost their score total, even with less games played, or will she flourish and rake in a quantity of games to surprise the competition?