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Posted by phoenixs_angel on 5th of June 2018 at 01:11 PM NST

After all those new team avatars, today 9 (!) new stamp avatars have also been released. As always you can gain these after completing the corresponding page of your Stamp Album.

Stamp Collector - Altador
Stamp Collector - Battle For Meridell
Stamp Collector - Coins
Stamp Collector - Evil Coconuts
Stamp Collector - Meridell vs. Darigan
Stamp Collector - NeoQuest II
Stamp Collector - Other
Stamp Collector - Scarabs
Stamp Collector - Space Station Coins


You can use our Stamp Album List to check which stamps you still need.


Say goodbye to all your Neopoints... or just keep admiring all those avies from afar :O

Also, with the Altador Cup being up and running, so if the NC Challenge part of the AC. This year, visit the homesteads of the Legends of Altador. First of, is  Kellard, the Thief, and it should be no surprise his place to go is a Den of Thieves. Our NC Challenge guide has now been updated.

There'd be treasure...