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Terribly sorry for the delay, our own Altador Cup goals sometimes get in our way.  But alas!  Here we are and our third team has arrived for our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament!  Let me introduce to you Team Double Trouble.  This Team has big shoes to fill claiming to be twice the team.  This team kicks off with our longest veteran still going in our tournament, Corine who supports Meridell.  She's done so much for SunnyNeo in the forms of Customisation and Guides that we're sure she's put something on our site that you've found very handy and helpful.  She's known for constantly obtaining All-Star status and is sure to be at the core of this team.  Up next, we have Mikey supporting Lost Desert, who is responsible for some of our many game guides.  Mikey has been on our Staff Tournament for some time now as well and having huge success on Team Super Heroes in previous years.  He's been All-Star in the past, but fell short last year.  His game-play is nothing but something to watch out for as he may just suprise the competition how much he can accomplish this year.  Or will he have a repeat of last year and run short on time to play the Altador Cup?  Then we have Vicki who is our resident Battledome Expert and Shenkuu Supporter.  Where Vicki may lack in quantity, she spreads her gameplay across the field.  She does not strictly dedicate to one game or the other, nor does she exclude any games from play.  If there is a team that all doesn't like a certain game, Vicki may be this teams edge to claiming victory over them.  With this team long-time supporters of their AC teams, can they together hold strong to their team here on SunnyNeo and bring in the victory?


And the cast Color Spray and stun the enemy!

Introducing a brand new thing this year - we have a Bench Reserve.  Basically, this bench is holding a couple players that in an event a team has a player that does not participate in ANY game that week, one of the benched players will step in and their scores will be counted in their place.  Now this will be random so one bench player may not always be on the same team to fill in.  They may get moved around - luck of the draw.  We have three teams of three, with two benched players.  In the event that all three teams have one member not participating, then the bench players will not be called in.  However, if one or two teams have a player miss a week, the bench players will step in.  In this year, Sebrina will be first to call in.  She's our second Lost Desert supporter here and is newer to SunnyNeo.  She has been doing a few updates to the Packrat and Usuki lists as she has time.  She was happy to participate this year, but unfortunately to keep teams even, it didn't balance in her favor.  However, we came up with this awesome idea to make sure she got the full SunnyNeo experience.  Jocinto is supporting Tyrannia this year, and recently retired from SunnyNeo from our Customisation.  He's done so much more around the site keeping things updated, responding to neomails and more!  We miss him being around more.  However, he's always willing to help us out when we call, and was willing to participate to allow Sebrina to play.  Unfortunately we didn't find a third teammate for them to make a full team, but now Jocinto is helping by filling in if needed by a team on the bench.  The two of them will qualify for the trophies at the end as well.  We hope this wasn't too confusing to understand.  May be easier to explain if it comes into play.


Put me in, coach.  I'm ready to play, today!