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The first two weeks of our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament are in!  It was a battle to find each teams placing among the three teams.  Team Mysterious Shines' Wolf and Faith together had an amazing force on the Yooyuball field, giving this team the first place in the game.  However, Team Darigan Weewoos had a great team effort across the side games claiming first place in them all together.  Padfoot and David teamed up to take Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise where Padfoot and Vanity concured Shoothout Showdown together.  Their group effort puts Team Darigan Weewoos at the top of Round One.  So it was a battle for second place.  Unfortunately for Team Double Trouble, Team Mysterious Shines had effort from all three members on Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, where Team Double Trouble's only hope was Vicki who couldn't compete against the three.  Corine managed to put up some impressive numbers for Shootout Showdown giving Team Double Trouble second place for this side game.  And so the lines were drawn.

Week two brought about some changes to the field.  Unfortunately David and Brooke were unable to play and so the Bench Reserve was called upon.  Jocinto filled in for David on Team Darigan Weewoos and Sebrina filled in for Brooke on Team Mysterious Shines.  Once again, Wolf and Faith teamed up and dominated the Yooyuball field laying claim once again to the game's first place slot.  With Sebrina's help, Team Mysterious Shines took over all three side games as well!  The three worked well together and gave amazing effort across all four games giving them this weeks win.  Even with Jocinto's great efforts in YooyuBall, the team Darigan Weewoos fell short on the yooyuball field and couldn't combat with Team Double Trouble's Corine and Vicki.  However, once again Vicki had to hold her own on the two side games Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, causing the team to fall short once again.  Although, the three pulled together and put up great tallies for Shootout Showdown and laid claim over Darigan Weewoos there.  And so the two teams tied for second place this week.

Also, a reminder our AC Customisation Spotlight is still here.  So please, enter your pets.  The two categories are Player In The Off-Season and No-Team, Team Spirit!  If you have a pet that is just like one of the players on one of the teams (ie: a Green Gelert like Lyvon on Altador, or a Magma Kougra like Aldric on Moltara), dress your pet to show what these players do in the Off-Season - when the games are no longer going on.  Do they like to read, visit a beach, or perhaps go shopping?  For No-Team, Team Spirit! we were looking for brand new looks for teams that do not have a team.  Show us how your pet shows their spirit for their home or favored town by dressing them so.  Do you have a rainbow pet that hails from Neopia Central, or perhaps a lutari who would love to show their spirit for their home town?  Enter today!

AC XIII Customization Spotlight Entries Open