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Posted by faerieskater2 on 1st of January 2019 at 10:50 AM NST

Happy New Years


It's been a good year for us around SunnyNeo and we would like to thank everyone for sharing it with us.  We started off the year making some improvements around the site.  Releasing new graphics. Fixing broken graphics.  Revamping some guides, like our Faerie Quests Guide. Keeping up to date AC coverage.

We celebrated our anniversary with a new layout change.  All the staff came together to make that possible and bring us into the current times.



The following months we focused on some projects that have been in the making for awhile.  We were able to redo our old dressing room into a new Wearables Headquarters that will replace our existing customisation database pages.

If you ever wanted to search the neo news, you can now! We released a Neo News Search to help you find those pesky dates you were always curious about.

MySunnyNeo was a project that has been discussed and let go of soooo many times over the years.  We are happy to be able to see it to light and get it released to help you guys keep track of things.  There are many more ways we plan to improve this in the upcoming months, so get registered and watch out for additional ways it helps you out around the site.

Wearables HQ   Neo News Search   MySunnyNeo



Over the last year, staff have come together to help keep SN maintained, to post new guides for dailies, games, and other neo areas, to create new graphics for everyone to use, and just in general improve it and make it place that others come to for all these things.

Thanks for being there with us throughout this year, and previous years.  We hope you look forward to the future of SunnyNeo and the big plans we have to continue to maintain and improve it.


Happy New Years!