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Posted by jujipup on 10th of June 2019 at 12:11 AM NST

The results are in for week one of our SunnyNeo AC Staff Tournamanet.  With teams taking places all over the field, this was a very close battle as teams fight to find their footing this Altador Cup.  The Hive played extremely well racking up scores that blew their competition out of the water in YooyuBall.  Second Place in the game was faught for and barely claimed by Into the Sunset, with Grandma's Candy falling just short and landing in third.  It appears the Waffle Heroes let the main game fall very short and unfortunately took last place.  Slushies were slung across the board and all teams gave it their all.  Grandma's Candy managed to land first place in this side game, with The Hive falling under them a little.  Into the Sunset took third here, with Waffle Heroes once again falling in fourth.  The screaming here at SunnyNeo was crazy and we are sure we were heard all over Neopia.  Everyone made some noise for their teams they play on during AC as well as their Staff Teams.  Into the Sunset claimed Make Some Noise just barely over Waffle Heroes who finally managed to take their place in a game.  Grandma's Candy was just over half what the top two teams made for the team, with The Hive doing only one fourth in this game.  It came down to the Shootout Showdown.  Into the Sunset laid waste to all the other teams, not one was a match for their power in this side game.  Second place was claimed by Grandma's Candy with The Hive not far behind.  Unfortunately the Waffle Heroes took fourth in their third game.  With some different variables hanging around with one player benched the first week for a team, and another only getting scores in the side games Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise by only one member of their team - there is no telling what the next week will bring.  Will teams try to change up their strategy?  What type of scores will the benched player bring this next week?  Will different games become priority to help secure a teams win?  Find out next week!


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