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Posted by jujipup on 2nd of December 2019 at 09:31 AM NST

With the new pet slots now available, we decided to make some simple petlookups.  We made one for each season hoping that those of you who dress your pet for the season can swap out as needed as you customise your pet.  Also remember, we do allow you to use our coding to customise a look for yourself.  With these layouts, it is only one simple image along with some css coloring.  They would be easy to customise to match your pet if you were interested in that route.  Just make an image 700px wide by 30px in height and swap them out along with changing the color.  Just please be sure to keep the SunnyNeo credit for the coding.

Simple Winter  Simple Spring
Simple Summer  Simple Fall

Simple and sweet!

Also, the Advent Calendar has begun!  Be sure to collect your daily prize, and if you need a hint on where those secret santa hats are hidden, items you can get from finding them, or would like to see past years, feel free to check out our Advent Calendar Guide.

The countdown has begun!