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Posted by caileanmalfoy on 5th of March 2020 at 09:19 AM NST

The daily Faerie Quests are back! Make sure to visit everyday for your daily quest and free item. Fyora also promised and extra prize for those that don't miss any days. The event will run until May 22nd March 22nd. For more information check out our Faerie Quest Event guide!

Faerie Quest Event banner

In addition to the normal Faerie Quests, you will also get the chance to complete Crafting Faerie quests. Delina came up with some new items, check our Crafting Faerie guide to see what items you can recieve from her.

During this event, the NC Mall also has Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies on sale for 50NC instead of their usual 100NC.

Faerie Quest
We have a long list of items, better get going!

Update (Mar/17/2020): We have corrected a mistake in this news post. The Faerie Quests event WILL end on March 22nd, NOT May 22nd. We appologize for any confusion.