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Posted by jujipup on 23rd of May 2022 at 08:41 PM NST

The Colosseum is bursting at the seams with all teams, supporters, and press.  Haunted Woods has arrived and is ready to climb back to the top.  This team has some records being the team to win the first Altador Cup (AC I, 2006), and then in AC IX (2014) becoming the first team to take the cup a second time.  However since their second win, the team has fallen to lower standings.  Finally making up some ground last year, they're hoping to continue to rise back to the top of the pack.  The team of Krawk Island as made their way into the Colosseum for some practice time.  Although a popular, and a tough team to compete with, Krawk Island last saw the cup in AC IV (2009).  The team has been practicing and trying to find new plays to drive another win for their home town.  Shenkuu has arrived today as well.  Although this team did well their first few years at the Altador cup landing in 3rd, 4th, 2nd, in that order, the team has since fallen to a mid to lower tiered team.  It is unsure why the team has not made a comeback, but they are hoping this year is their year.  They are hoping to call the cup theirs for the first time this AC XVII!

Are you ready to sling some slushies?

We are all secretly rooting for one of these teams to take their first win!

SunnyNeo wants you to participate with us in our SN Altador Cup Tournament!  Sign-Ups will be closing soon, please neomail Jujipup with your target rank.  If chosen to join us, we will only need a few more questions answered, and then you play the games.  Jujipup our scorekeeper handles all the rest.  Lets have some fun with a little friendly competition.  We will begin sending out confirmation neomails soon to those chosen!

Last call!  Sign-up now while you can!