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Posted by jujipup on 31st of May 2022 at 07:48 AM NST

This year for our SunnyNeo Altador Cup Tournament, we are in our 3rd year of inviting Neopian users likes you, to join in our competition.  However, instead of combining SunnyNeo Staff with Neopian Users, we've decided on a versus tournament!  We are happy to bring on two Neopian teams this year to try and best us.  So, the Neopian Sonic Serpents have entered the Colosseum.  This team is comprised of four players, two supporting Faerieland and two supporting Brightvale.  As a note, we have a returning Neopian user, Kaljinyu joining us this year marking this their second Tournament with us.  Please, put your hands together for the shockingly fast team, Kaljinyu, Dotty, Spirit, and Jos!


They move at lightening speed!