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Posted by jujipup on 16th of June 2022 at 11:57 PM NST

The SunnyNeo AC Tournament Week One results have been finally tallied.  The Neopian teams actually managed to take the SunnyNeo team quite well in week one.  With wins on both their teams, Sonic Serpents did a little better to land them in first this round landing first place in all three side games and taking second in Yooyuball.  Followed by Crafty Critters, who took first in Yooyuball, second in Slushie Slinger.  The SunnyNeo Firebirds managed a second place for Shootout Showdown, but ultimately taking third place in the rest of the games landing them in last place.  It is unclear whether the SunnyNeo team can band together to take on the Neopian teams to turn this around or whether this is a Neopian team vs another Neopian team.  Only time will tell.

Phoenix rise from the ashes... but can the Firebirds?