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Posted by furball892 on 2nd of June 2009 at 03:38 AM NST
The Altador Cup has started!

A few things are not running smoothly quite yet.  The NC Mall Challenge tickets have not been spotted in the mall yet.  Update: the NC Mall tickets started appearing around 7:30 PM NST.  The 34-Game Ticket Pack is 2500 NC.  As of this update (7:46 PM NST), the tickets can not yet be activated.  As of 8:36 PM NST, the existing tickets can be activated but the prizes are not awarding.  The tickets have been removed from the NC Mall again.  :K  8:44 and the tickets are back in the mall.  9:05 NST and the first NC prize can be collected.  Yay!  Our guide to the NC Challenge has been updated.

If you are having trouble getting your scores to count for rank, try reloading the game window after each sent score.  For many people, the first three games are submitted correctly, but the page must be refreshed before playing each game after that in order for it to count.  I've seen reports that game scores are counting without a manual refresh if you play on small screen, but haven't tested this one.  Update: this glitch is reported as being fixed now.

I'm a beginner, but I have hope.

Also, the Altador Cup Player avatar has been released again.  Thanks to _lyke_orly_ for the info.

And a Yooyuball game tip: If you would like your players to return to their starting positions, press shift on your keyboard. It looks like 'up' on the game's instructons, but it is shift.

Update: You can skip the goal celebration, and the yooyu entry screens by pressing space, this will speed up your games allowing you to play more! The skipped scene will still subtract from your game time and you won't have as much time to prepare for which Yooyu is next, but it can make the games go faster.  Thanks to sarahravencroft for this tip.