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Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 8th of June 2009 at 09:01 AM NST
Altador continued their poor season, as they faced the crafty Kreludan team. The Kreludor fans were expecting a clean sweep across all four games, and they weren't disappointed. There was a point in the Shootout Showdown match, where Altador looked like they may be able to hold the leading team to a draw, however they were let down by Altador player Timu's shooting inexperience. Altador captain "Trapper" Remis, promised their side would be training non-stop in preparation for Monday's games.

Krawk Island faced the wrath of the Virtupets team, who have recovered from last year's disappearance of Dr Sloth. The day started with the Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown games, with the Pirates suffering from a bad case of Kikoughela which allowed the Virtupets team to cheer their way to a Make Some Noise victory. The Shootout Showdown game started well for Virtupets, as the Pirates were busy hunting down the Healing Springs Faerie to cure their illnesses. By the time they were healed, the Virtupets had sealed another win. Krawk Island did manage to demonstrate just how they have managed to hold their second place in the table though, with easy wins in Slushie Slinger and Yooyuball to end the day.

Mystery Island faced Darigan Citadel in what proved to be a shock defeat for the Islanders, as they lost every game. The Islanders blamed their Yooyuball defeat on goalkeeper's Lor Benneveldt inability to save any of the goals, and the resulting team bickering lead them to lose Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Mystery Island fans were last night plotting revenge on Lor Benneveldt, if the team cannot improve in tomorrow's matches.

The Shenkuu team were in high spirits entering into the Colosseum for yesterday's games, and the fans were expecting a clean sweep across all four games. The Yooyuball match went smoothly for the superb Shenkuu side, with Terror Mountain goalkeeper Minae Mitora proving to be no match for the Shenkuu's scoring skill. Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger provided another easy win for the Shenkuu team, and as they entered the Shootout Showdown game, the Shenkuu fans were hoping for another easy win. The Terror Mountain team however, went into the final game of the day with an unbeaten record in Shootout Showdown, and did not disappoint their fans, as they held Shenkuu to a draw. Terror Mountain captain Prytariel said that the team was hoping to improve their Yooyuball skills to be able to match their penalty shootout techniques.

The Lost Desert had what was described by fans as a lazy win over Faerieland, with none of the LD players appearing to put in much effort. Faerieland were at an immediate disadvantage after it appeared that the team players were supporting the Petpet Protection League's complaints into the use of Yooyus for the Yooyuballs match. From that point on, things didn't improve for the Faerieland team as they got in a muddle and started serving slushies to the wrong team's fans. Faerieland Spokes-Kacheek Babolino, said that the team were just having a bad day, and that they would return in better form tomorrow.

Roo Island have yet to show their winning ability from last year, with another three losses to their name. Haunted Woods took advantage of the Roo's uncoordinated playing, leading to a HW win in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. The Roo Island fans cheered valiantly in Make Some Noise, but were unable to match the volume of the howls of Haunted Woods. In the last match of the day, the Roo Island players were able to hold Haunted Woods to a Shootout Showdown draw, to prevent a Haunted Woods clean sweep.

Kiko Lake have demonstrated just how much practise they have been putting in for the Altador Cup this year, with another two wins, against Tyrannia. The apparent shock of winning the Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown games seemed to silence the Kiko Lake fans, allowing Tyrannia to pull back and win in Make Some Noise. Heading into the Slushie Slinger game, Kiko Lake attempted to match the Tyrannian's speed and accuracy, but were kept behind after the game to clear up the mess they made, having failed to serve any customers with the right flavour of slushie.

The final set of matches saw Maraqua meeting Meridell for the first time this season. The mighty Meridell team got off to a magnificent start, with a win in Yooyuball and their fans cheering them on to a Make Some Noise win. Maraqua managed to hold the Meridell team to a draw in Shootout Showdown, as the Meridell team's inexperience in penalty shootouts began to show. The day ended with Slushie Slinger, where Maraqua demonstrated that despite the games being played on land, they still have the skill to win.